Why Choose Velpic SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Why should I choose a SaaS-based LMS, like Velpic?
You know that MyCloudCure’s Velpic is a Cloud and SaaS-based Learning Management System. But what
exactly is Software as a Service (SaaS) and what business value does it provide?

SaaS is a method of software delivery that provides easy data access from any device that has a good
Internet connection and a web browser. The idea of a shared resource environment has been around
since the 1960s but it became a reality with the availability of web-based technologies in the late 1990s.
Companies first began offering services such as customer relationship through SaaS-based models.
However, it’s only in the last few years that the SaaS subscription licensing model has really grown given
its affordability, seamless scalability and attractive range of solutions.
As opposed to the on-premise delivery model, here the vendor will host and maintain the server,
database and application code. How does this help? The buyer/client does not have to buy hardware to
host the software or a license for the software. The client can also rely on the vendor for support in
terms of troubleshooting and maintaining the software just by paying an annual or monthly subscription
Since SaaS solutions are cost effective, it is particularly beneficial to small and medium businesses that
do not have a huge budget. SaaS applications can also be customized and tailored to suit your business.
While having a good Internet connection is vital for SaaS technology, some vendors also offer ‘offline’
SaaS solutions also save time as costly and time-consuming installations and implementation are not
required. Another important benefit to using SaaS is that you can avoid the effort of having to
periodically update software that is required with the on-premise model. Since the updates will be taken
care of by the provider, the client can save time and the hassle of having to do so.
A common worry raised by buyers is about data ownership and security risks. Vendors usually do not
claim any ownership of the data but it is advisable to have an agreement that clearly outlines ownership
details regarding data, maintenance, compliance requirements and security needs. Most vendors also
understand the importance of security and invest in providing the required measures. Clients must also
consider the future possibility of a vendor change – either because one finds a vendor who is a better fit
or because the current vendor has decided to shut down operations. In such a scenario, the client must
be prepared as to how data migration will be undertaken. Make sure to include all this in the
The overall benefits of choosing a SaaS-based software are substantial and outweigh the risks. To sum it
up, SaaS is:
Cost-effective, Automated, Scalable, Collaborative, Accessible, Flexible, Efficient and Secure.
So, if you are interested in finding out about a product that can be help you transform your business, contact Mark Constantino Jr., MyCloudCure, at 603-799-6992 for a demo of Velpic LMS today!