Virtual Reality Learning to Make Your Life Easier

January 29, 2019

Imagine this… You have just accepted a project but cannot join until you finish your current assignment. However, your new project manager is keen that you finish several training modules before you join. Luckily, for you, your project manager has invested in the Velpic video e-learning platform in the cloud. You can finish your training from the comfort of your current desk or at home and be confident of being ready for your new role on time.

The possibilities are endless. Virtual Reality learning, as we know, has unlimited possibilities. Simulation programs are being experimented by organizations around the world to better prepare their employees. It not only makes it convenient for the trainee but also for workers who have to provide the training. And unlike traditional classroom learning, one can repeat the training multiple times to make sure you have mastered the necessary skills.

Says Mark Constantino, CEO, MyCloudCure which is Velpic’s only distributor in North America, “Velpic’s VR-driven technology allows on-the-job training without the company losing downtime. Job training can be expensive and time-consuming. Velpic helps reduce both. Additionally, Velpic’s scalability can help manage any volume of training activities.”

Velpic is truly versatile and the lesson content can range from ready-to-use video lessons from its online Marketplace and video lessons that CloudCure’s professional services team can produce for you to lessons you create yourself. It can also be in the form of word documents, pdfs, powerpoints and more. And that’s not all… clients can also make interesting animated video lessons using Velpic’s workplace online training software and built-in video editor. This also allows you to easily duplicate and adapt content for reuse.

Constantino adds, “As a training option, virtual reality offers a great deal of flexibility. It makes training fun and exciting. Importantly, most learners retain much more of what they learn through virtual reality than from just listening to a presentation in a classroom.”

So, what are you waiting for?

Find out how Velpic is just right for you. Call Mark at 603-799-6992 to get started today.

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