Micro eLearning – a Bite-Sized Approach to Online Learning

Good things come in small packages!

Given a choice between going through a long powerpoint presentation or a smart infographic that highlights the facts and figures – guess which one most consumers will choose?

After all, the success of Twitter says it all – millennials revel in expressing their views in 140 characters. And if you look at recent social media trends, whether it’s Facebook or YouTube, short instructional videos, mini-quizzes and animations are extremely popular.

In a world where there are multiple distractions, attention spans are limited. Consumers now get most of their news and information through social media. They have no time or patience for endless courses and long lessons. They want their learning to be delivered in a way that is easy to consume and makes their tasks easier and quicker.

Enter the world of micro eLearning — delivering content in small, short bursts, or bite-sized, which makes it easy to understand and retain and helps to mitigate cognitive overload

Micro eLearning can be efficient and an effective way to train. Here’s why:

  1. Bite-sized learning can be made easily accessible anytime, any place and in any way the learners want to access it. It’s a natural fit to mobile learning – given that smartphones are the most accessible and used platform today.
  2. It allows for better retention and comprehension – as it is more focused and only the most relevant information is used.
  3. The consumer leaves with key takeaways.
  4. It can be customized to the learner’s needs.
  5. It’s less expensive and less time-consuming to create.

So, think of micro eLearning as the flashcards of today. It is an important part of the e-learning landscape today and is only likely to grow in the future.

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