About MyCloudCure.

Our Mission

Simplicity. Reliability. Affordability. These are the three words we live by. With over 70 years of combined IT work experience, we’ve set out to build a brand of technology partners and service providers to bring you the highest quality solutions at the most affordable prices

With our ever-expanding catalog of premium “one-stop-shop” cloud solutions, coupled with our client relations and assisted sales teams, you can rest assured we’ll scale and grow with you.

Our newest service that highlights our mission is our partnership with Velpic, as the Authorized Sales and Service partner for North America. The Velpic Learning Management System (LMS) along with MyCloudCure can quickly help any size business engage their employees and deliver better business results in hours not months.

Our History

Family and the american spirit are the cornerstone of MyCloudCure’s history. MyCloudCure thrives helping others succeed.

  • 2012

    We started out as MC Computer, Inc. and partnered with a leading home “Support as a Service” provider where we performed third party technical work for major big box retailers. We started with a small team performing dozens of remote support sessions each month, but later expanded our operations to include about a dozen technicians performing hundreds of remote support sessions each month for our partner’s clients.

  • 2014

    Grew our service offerings to include Managed Services, Managed DNS, Nationwide On-Site IT, Speciality Hosted Solutions and Mobile App Development. We implemented Sales and Client Relations teams to help customers find the right solutions.

  • 2015 - present

    Received our first and second seed investments as a Managed Solutions brand and expanded our service offerings to include Web Design, Digital Media Marketing and Brand Management. We also launched our new website that better defines how we’ve evolved and announcing that we are the only North American Authorized Distribution Partner for Velpic LMS.

Meet our awesome team.

We are more than a team, we are a business family and hope to serve you as one of our own. Integrity and respect are our core values.

Mark Constantino Jr.President & CEO, Co-Founder

As President & CEO MyCloudCure, Mark has worked with hundreds of businesses across the world developing outstanding IT and web site technical services. Delivering agility and innovation that drives positive business outcomes is what Mark and MyCloudcure are all about. Mark and his team of experts ensure the best possible business and technical outcomes are met. Mark and MyCloudCure are proud to be an authorized Velpic distributor providing all your learning management and content development needs.

Andrew Gaudian CTO, Co-Founder

Andrew is co-founder and operational leader for MyCloudCure. Andrew brings great business insight to operational management, creative direction, training and employee development, web development, product design, and helps keep our customers extremely happy. He has worn many hats in his career–sales, support representative, supervisor, manager, project manager, writer, researcher, strategist, director. As a result, Andrew can manage difficult projects and navigate complex challenges. He loves making new professional acquaintances and delivering the highest quality of services.

Himanshu Bargotra

Director of Customer Success

As Director of Customer Success, Himanshu is there to ensure customer satisfaction and business value are delivered as expected. He’s part of a dedicated team that is committed to help businesses grow by creating innovative LMS solutions that drive better and faster business results. Himanshu helps businesses simplify the complex with Velpic Learning Management Systems to rapidly generate higher skilled teams

James Scott

Director of Sales

James is MyCloudCure’s Director of Sales. He has heard many businesses share their training and development challenges. While the challenges are diverse they all are costing businesses revenue and business success. James helps MyCloudCure customers quickly review the full LMS capabilities the Velpic and MyCloudCure team have to offer. James accompanies organizations on their first steps to a smarter, more engaged workforce. Contact James and he can quickly demonstrate how easy it is to get started.

Samantha Hagar

Business Operations Manager

As Business Operations Manager for MyCloudCure, Samantha ensures we are all doing what we can to help our customers experience the highest quality innovative experience they can. She ensures MyCloudCure is efficient and agile as it can be and that we execute at 100% capability to help our customers overcome their challenges and business goals are met. Samantha is key to ensuring our customers are delighted with all their interactions with MyCloudCure.


Eric SilvaMarketing Consultant

Making innovation easy and affordable is something Eric does as Marketing Consultant for MyCloudCure. He has extensive technology delivery and marketing experience creating a unique understanding of the custom customer’s point of view. Eric will utilize his experience in SaaS software marketing and customer enablement to help MyCloudCure customers along their digital transformation as fast and successful as possible.