Micro eLearning – a Bite-Sized Approach to Online Learning

Good things come in small packages! Given a choice between going through a long powerpoint presentation or a smart infographic that highlights the facts and figures – guess which one most consumers will choose? After all, the success of Twitter says it all – millennials revel in expressing their views in 140 characters. And if you look at recent social … Read More

Owning Your Own Business

So you want to be an entrepreneur? It’s not easy taking the leap from a full-time, well-paying job to becoming an entrepreneur. It’s a leap of faith – one that is riddled with doubt and fear of whether you are making the right decision and whether you will really make it. Here are some tips to make it easier. If … Read More

How to Choose the Right LMS

Shopping for LMS? How do you select from the options available? Sarah Mathews has a small but successful real estate agency. As her team has grown, she has found it increasingly difficult to keep staff members updated with the latest marketing trends, mortgage options, and zoning laws. Further, she has 10 offices spread across the New England area. She further … Read More

Improving Learner Retention with LMS

Incorporating best practices in your LMS can save you time and money. Did you know a research study by Civitas, an education technology company, actually suggested that knowing how often college students log onto learning management software is a sure-fire way to predict if they will stick to their studies or drop out. Learning Management Systems (LMS) have always been … Read More