The Future of training.

Enable people with an engaging virtual reality experience they will never forget. Leverage cloud, mobile, gamification and virtual reality to deliver training experiences that work.

  • Learning management system based on cloud & SaaS technologies means you are up and running in minutes and training anyone, anytime, anywhere with engaging content.
  • Outsmart and disrupt your competition with the hottest, VR-Enabled Learning Management System.
  • Quickly create custom content including VR courses or MyCloudCure can do it for you.

Just a few of the features

Easy Lesson Setup

Upload existing lesson content, purchase off-the-shelf videos, or create your own with our online training platform, or we can do it all for you.

Simple Reporting

Get a quick bird’s eye view of completed, active and overdue lesson statuses, and automatically notify users who are overdue. Quickly generate reports.

Available Anywhere

Download Velpic’s mobile companion apps to manage lessons and watch training content on the go, including 360° virtual reality videos.

Fun Learning

Bring workplace training to life through gamification to achieve more while having fun. Inject even more fun into training and immerse learners with VR.

Changing the way you Onboard


Coffey has a staff strength of more than 1,000 employees in Australia and New Zealand. It has been conducting online company inductions for new employees, contractors and other stakeholders for many years. Their training video was starting to get outdated in terms of content and presentation, and their legacy LMS did not allow for easy content updates. While the old system allowed quizzes and tests, the previous LMS was not user-friendly to operate, and did not make it easy for administrators to find and manage training statuses and results.


Coffey switched to Velpic because it provides a visually pleasing modern alternative to their previous LMS. Velpic was easier for administrators to navigate, and provided professional services to produce a more visually appealing induction video, as well as the training support for administrators to create more videos and edit them in-house.


In handling training volumes that fluctuate by the month as part of a diverse range of HR responsibilities covering the whole employee life cycle, HR Officer Sandra Hedin appreciates Velpic’s colour-coded dashboard and user-friendly tabs and pages. These features make it quick and easy for her and other administrators to view lesson statuses, find information at a glance, and streamline workflows to increase productivity.

“Velpic is user friendly and has an attractive layout. You can set up automated email prompts and mandatory lessons which makes our induction very efficient and easy to run. Whenever I’ve had enquiries and required Velpic to assist me with putting together our new induction video I’ve found them very customer serviced focused, they always responded in a prompt and professional manner. They also provided admin training so that I could use the self-serve features and make amendments myself if needed.”Sandra Hedin, HR Officer

Affordable pricing



Per Month
  • Lesson authoring tool
  • Access to Velpic VR
  • On-demand library
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Company branding
  • Developer API access
  • Up to 50 monthly active users
Free Trial



Per Month
  • Everything in Growth, plus…
  • Custom fields
  • Advanced groups
  • Direct supervisors
  • Single sign-on
  • SCIM user provisioning
  • Up to 250 monthly active users
Free Trial

Why choose MyCloudCure

We’ve partnered with Velpic to bring you a complete, no hassle, effective training and on-boarding solution.


Support & Training

We provide round-the-clock support and training for you and your team, so you can rest assured we’re always there to help you when you need it.

LMS Content Creation

Need someone to create your E-Learning content for you? Let us take care of it. We’ll work with you and your team to make sure you get exactly what you need.

VR Content Creation

We have the tools and the resources to create your virtual reality content for you. We’ll film, produce, and edit everything to give you a truly immersive experience.

  • Train on your phone

    Watch online training videos and take quizzes on your smartphone or tablet

  • Bite-size learning

    Turn your spare minutes into powerful and effective bite-size learning moments.

  • Your stuff

    View all of your assigned lessons and track your results.

  • The library

    Access your company’s entire Velpic training library from anywhere in the world at anytime.

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